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Content management system, also referred to as CMS is a system that allows users to manage the content in an effective and efficient manner. With the digital footprint growing by the second businesses today are under constant pressure of delivering more, while offering strong and meaningful content to partners, customers, and visitors. With time the challenges and cost of managing your content is growing. We at Fortigrid understand that you are in a crunch, and would like to offer you real business solutions. We start by identifying your problems, and then by strategies how existing tools and resources can be used to store and access information in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Fortigrid, is offering clients efficient, effective, and affordable CMS solutions that provide businesses with consistency, flexibility, excellent customer care, and a way to save time and money.

Our Approach

We at Fortigrid keep out approaches simple, that are easy to understand; but offer maximum output. Our team of experts starts by getting to know your business, it’s workings, and its history. This allows them to plan the perfect approach. We use existing resources and tools to ensure that the cost is low, you get a return on your investment, you can achieve quick sins, and the end results meet your goals.

Why does your business need a CMS?

Fortigrid starts by listing down your requirements for the system, and how you were managing your content. Once they have the basic understanding they will start working on the best solution keeping in mind your current situation and requirements. We will take on the migration process, to ensure that you do not have to lift a single finger during the process.

Benefits of CMS?

  • It offers you easy page management, so you can add or remove web pages; without using any complex systems.

  • The design image selected follows, ensuring that a single design template is followed, and the standards of your brand are well maintained.

  • No IT technicians are required to manage the system, and you can easily manage the content.

  • A single point of data entry is used, and the content is online once published.

  • It is a tablet and mobile ready system, and can easily fit any screen.

  • It is search engine friendly, and can increase traffic flow.