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ICT Security

MMGS Softnet’s Security solutions offer customers a means to manage user identities, control access, monitor and manage security features, and provide protection against malware and viruses.

User identities can be managed through their life-cycle from creation to removal. This ensures controlled secure access to applications and network services. Security events can also be managed and monitored, as well as making sure that email and web traffic is screened for inappropriate or malicious content, and that end-points are protected against malware and viruses. Solution Set Offerings:

  • Identity Management

  • Security Monitoring and Management

  • Edge Protection

  • End point Protection

  • Content Protection

Systems Management

MMGS Softnet’s Systems Management solution supports customers in efficiently meeting service level objectives by using tools to monitor and manage their systems and applications.

This solution enables customers to measure and monitor service levels, track, maintain and update system configurations, manage problems and incidents and automate datacentre operations. Solution Set Offerings:

  • Service Management

  • Service Level and System Monitoring

  • Datacentre Automation