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Every business has unique IT requirements that underpin core business activities. Every business needs to maintain connectivity to its core applications with comprehensive security and control in place. How do you achieve this?

With MMGS Softnet’s managed ICT services you can simplify your business, improve productivity, provide everyone with multiple, flexible ways to work and collaborate from anywhere at any time and on any device! Put simply, you run your business from the secure cloud.

Cloud computing delivers what IT has always needed — a way to increase capacity or add capability on the fly without investing in new IT infrastructure, expensive training, or additional software licenses. FortiGrid delivers a cost-effective subscription-based service that has the ability to rapidly extend your IT capabilities. All FortiGrid solutions are flexible, scalable and secure and tailored to your business needs. They are based on a High-Availability infrastructure and network platform — providing a reliable, fault-tolerant IT service to your business that can be accessed at any time, from any location over multitude of devices.

FortiGrid has developed sophisticated processes that address the most common business concerns around Cloud Computing:

  • Security

  • Performance

  • Availability

  • Integration

  • Customization

Our products are provisioned with security in mind and are all delivered on demand as a service to our Virtual Desktop Environment.

The FortiGrid platform allows organizations to operate applications inside our secure cloud while preserving capital and lowering operating expenses. Our platform is built on leading cloud computing technology (VMWare, IBM, Juniper and Cisco) and is delivered from within any of our 8 Tier-3 data centres located across Australia, that connect to over 180 carriers Australia wide, giving you the speed and accessibility you deserve. Standards-based architecture and support for a broad range of operating systems creates an environment that is flexible and robust to exceed the most demanding client requirements.

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