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Web App

Fortigrid, is offering clients web application development services. It is a computer program that uses web technology and browsers to perform various tasks on the internet. These web applications we develop are based on the industry and the requirements of our clients. The usage of these web applications is easy and similar to an application on your computer. There is no limitation when it comes to web applications, as they can be designed to run exactly the same way any PC application does.

Fortigrid is offering its clients a way into the future, where users will be able to access your application online. It is an easy and sure way to get you ahead of your competitors. Allowing them to keep their PC free from countless applications. With our help, you can offer your customer a web application that offers the same tools and services as your current application does.

We also take on web application development services from scratch, and present our clients with web applications that are easy to use, and exactly how they imagined it.

We take on new projects keeping in mind our strategy to get to know our clients, to ensure that we offer them desirable end results.

What are the advantage of Web Application

  • Web applications have the ability to run on various platforms, it does not matter if you run them on iOS, or Android; the only thing that has to support them is the browser. If the browser is compatible, you will be free to use the web application without any issue.

  • Every user is offered the same version of the web application, ensuring there will be no compatibility issues.

  • They are not downloaded to your device itself, thus saving your hardware space. You will not have to worry about the application taking up an insane amount of memory, which will simply slow your device down.

  • It offers a cost effective development, as each user will access the application in the same environment.

  • The web application updates itself, and no user has to go through the updating process

  • With a web based application there is flexibility when choosing the core technology.