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ICT Networking

While data communications costs remain the key criteria for business, availability/resilience, speed/performance and data security are also high priorities. Corporate data networks are becoming more and more business critical (particularly as voice and video are now increasingly being carried on the network — not just email and web browsing) so the ability to maximize up-time is paramount to achieving targets. Compared to just a few years ago, there is a lot more high level focus if there is a network failure, so network reliability and management is crucial in your business today. FortiGrid provides enhanced data communication system protection through innovative cloud computing services.

A solid foundation for your IT & Communications, without having to build it yourself

  • Many businesses attempt to resolve these issues either by relying upon one carrier for all their needs or installing network equipment in house to connect to a number of different carriers. This leads to an expensive overhead for network management, sole reliance upon the IT Manager and a growing complexity in your data communications network. Data Communications On-Demand provides a cost effective solution for those organizations that want managed network solutions, be they data, voice or other types of networks delivered from a diverse range of carriers to provide a high level of availability, with minimal in-house equipment managed on a flat rate charge per month.

  • We have recently completed the roll-out of our High Availability Network (HAN) that provides businesses of all sizes a new and improved level of service along with excellence in voice and data communications. The HAN has been designed to rapidly, reliably and securely transport voice and data traffic, all within its secure private network boundaries and to/from the Internet. HAN is outsourcing at its best. In the USA, the IDC group estimates that at least 30% of all enterprises prefer to buy this way and the experience in Australia seems to parallel the USA. The telecommunications industry seems to be trying to migrate quickly from provision of access and transport technologies, to the delivery of customized, managed, end-to-end services.

Network Integration

Network Integration enables customers to create secure, reliable, responsive and robust networks that ensure a continuous availability of information.

Network Integration provides LAN, WAN and wireless connectivity between people, locations and systems both inside and outside an organization. It delivers data, voice and video services on a network that is designed to be effectively monitored and managed in order to meet service levels, including WAN optimization services to minimize costs and load balancing to improve service levels. Solution Set Offerings:

  • Plan, Design, Deploy, Operate and Optimise

  • Network Platform

  • Wireless Network

  • Wan optimization (Cisco)

  • Web Load Balancing (Cisco, Microsoft)


A Collaboration solution from FortiGrid enables our customers to efficiently communicate and collaborate using email, instant messaging, voice, video and web conferencing.

Solutions can be located on a customer’s premises or consumed as a ‘pay-per-use’ service from FortiGrid’s Private Cloud. The FortiGrid solutions use core technology from Microsoft and/or Cisco. Solution Set Offerings:

  • Mail

  • Collaboration (voice, video, instant messaging, video conferencing, web conferencing)

  • Message Archiving


Enterprise class virtualized datacentre infrastructure from world-leading vendors that customers access via the cloud in order to efficiently run their business applications and services.

Virtualization solutions lowers costs, improve agility and increase flexibility. Our solutions are built using server virtualization technology from Cisco, Juniper, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware. MMGS Soft net has the expertise to plan, design and deploy a complete and tailored solution for our customers to own and operate, with solutions designed to meet high availability and disaster recovery objectives. MMGS Softnet can provide solutions to manage virtual machines through their complete life-cycle, as well as Private Cloud solutions that include service catalogs, orchestration tools and service management tools. We also offer virtual infrastructure as a cloud service using FortiGrid’s ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ solution. This can be deployed as a dedicated solution or in combination with a Private Cloud. To further build upon this, we can can provide professional services to ensure a successful ‘onboarding’ of servers onto the virtual infrastructure with minimal service interruptions. Solution Set Offerings:

  • Virtual Infrastructure

  • Private Cloud Infrastructure

  • Essential Infrastructure as a Service

  • Virtual Infrastructure Life-cycle Management