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Fortigrid focuses heavily on data, which allows us to guide our clients in various phases of their email marketing plan. We will take on every part of the process from email strategy to content, to execution. Our main goal with email marketing is to ensure that brands are delivering the right message to the right customers at the right time. Which ensures that clients have the necessary information at the right time.

Our goal at Fortigrid is to ensure that we fully understand your main goals, and guide you in the direction that ensures the most favorable customer experience. These email marketing services include customer identification, assistance via email, enhanced custom capabilities, and implementation of a creative design and much more.

We start by analyzing your audience, their behavior and intent. This helps us capture demand, which you can use later when developing a relationship with a prospective customer. We take out time to gather online and offline behaviors of users, so we can help you offer them the best trends, suggestions, and content. We gather this information by looking at purchase history, browsing data, or by showing content that the customer might be interested in.

We take on all the data our clients can provide us with, as any information that can suggest a behavior pattern can be used to build a customer profile. This means with our help, you will get to know your customer better with time; which will allow you to add them to the ideal campaign list. This will ensure that not a single email sent was wasted on someone that is not interested in the products or services you are offering.

We understand that different customers have different needs, and it can be hard at times to judge their behavior. Which is why we need this data, to help us ensure that we are offering you the best advice. We can help you determine the best number of emails, content, and time to send the emails. Our goal is to ensure that with our help your email are responded to, in the way they were intended. Once we have helped you create a clear profile, we can use the information at hand to benefit you in the best way possible.

Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing technique, and with the right help; it is still one of the best means of marketing online.