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E commerce

Fortigrid is offering you a way to raise the bar on your customers online shopping experience. With our eCommerce solutions you will not just raise the bar on online shopping, you will be able to exceed your customer’s expectations and enhance your return on investment.

We are offering you a chance to get a featured eCommerce website. With the help of our designers you will be able to send a clean and clear message, along with the addition of call to action. Each click will ensure that the user is taken to action they have clicked on. In addition, user interfaces are intuitively designed, web pages load quickly, and the checkout process is as easy as saying “checked out”.

Fortigrid offers you a chance to make it on the first page of search engines, with search engine optimization. We believe that return on investment with the help of search engine optimization is the best approach. Clients will be able to witness for themselves how visitors and sales are increasing with such simple fixes.

In our eCommerce websites we are offering you the essential features we believe every eCommerce website should possess.

Benefits of CMS?

  • Suggested web pages: users will be able to search for the products they are interested in buying, by adding suggested pages to the search bar will help send more traffic to specific products and categories.

  • Related products: will allow users to see similar or related products to the item they are viewing. This will add traffic to these web pages, and even increase the chances of a sale.

  • Filtering: customers will be able to filter the website results according to their needs, ensuring a better experience. This will allow customers to find the perfect product.

  • Social media: social media share buttons, will help users share their love for their products. Which will result in free marketing for you.

  • Product details: it is essential to offer the exact product information, as many buyers rely heavily on product details. This simple set will ensure that every product shares the exact size, and uses; so buyers are certain they are purchasing a product that is perfect for them.

  • Shopping cart: users will be allowed to view each item they are about to purchase, along with their total. An added feature is “save for later” or “wish list” so now instead of deleting the item from their cart, users will be able to move it to their wish list. These wish list can be accessed later, when the customer is able to purchase the item.